It's 1931, and Maddie's Speakeasy is opening a new location in Denver, with a new theme.

This edition of The Denver Post has clues to what's next!

Then, the Superior Casino Supply House sends the Speakeasy a sample of the new Absinthe call button,

to be installed in 8 absinthe booths:

With the receipt:

Plus a few Instagram teasers:

Absinthe booth teaser

This box holds a bunch of individually wrapped sugar cubes for the absinthe.

Every speakeasy needs a set of house rules, and that includes the new absinthe room:

Printed by the very reputable M.H. Murray & Sons Printing Co:

And then for Christmas Eve, the cocktail list:

And the absinthe fountain:

Check out the video walkthrough:

Plus, Michael is now the ice inventory manager at Maddie's Speakeasy. All the big 2" ice cubes get this fancy ice stamp logo:

Ice Stamp

with an employee recipe handbook for making the new absinthe cocktails:

Download the full handbook here: absinthe.pdf

And see more tips on mixing cocktails: gin_joint_cocktails.pdf

And a cocktail kit list