Warren Miller Videology of Hardbooting

In Warren Miller films, snowboard hardboots are often seen when riders hike up a mountain with crampons at some exotic out-of-bounds location. In addition, a few brief shots of carving have popped up over the years. When carving shows up, it's pretty good, but there is not enough to recommend buying the videos just for the carving. There has not been a carving sequence since Fifty, so it's about time for another one to show up pretty soon.

2005 56 Higher Ground

No hardbooting.
2004 55 Impact

In Alaska, Christian Santelicis hikes up Bagely Icefield in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park with AT boots on short skis and crampons. Then he switches to a powder board and rides down.
2003 54 Journey

Christian Santelicis hikes up a mountain in Morocco with AT boots and rides down
2002 53 Storm

About 5 seconds of hardbooting. Snowboarders with AT boots and crampons hike up the mountains of South Georgia Island off the coast of Antarctica, then ride back down.
2001 52 Cold Fusion

About 5 seconds of hardbooting. There is a pond skimming contest at Boyne Mountain in Michigan, and a hardbooter (one of the mountain managers) makes it across.
2000 51 Ride

1999 50 Fifty

About 20 seconds of Will Garrow carving at Waterville Valley and Loon (left). He does a 540 and lands switch (right).
1998 49 Freeriders

During a speed skiing clip, an alpine board is shown going 120 mph for about 3 seconds.
1997 48 Snowriders 2

There are a few seconds of racers and a carver in the opening scene. Then, Will Garrow carves it up at Killington (left): He's using TD1 regular bindings. A later clip features carving skis and carving snowboards, and includes shots of Dave Teteak carving at Heavenly (right).
1996 47 Snowriders

There is some carving in the opening shot, and also a 20 second clip of carving (left), which includes some narration on carving philosophy: " ... It gives me an opportunity to cheat mother nature ... defy gravity, glide around about a quarter inch off the ground, come into a turn, dive over the nose, shoot through the center, hit the ground, score it on the way out. It's like power steering or remote control - I'm not really sure how it goes where it goes."

1995 46 Endless Winter

There is 15 seconds of carving at Mt. Stowe (left). At Breckenridge, Stefan Shaupie performs freestyle ski jumping on a Rossi race board and a Skwal (right). The Skwal jump has a helmet cam view.
1995 extra Tweaked & Twisted

Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva carve it up in powder. Jean Nerva says "You carve, you carve, you carve, you carve, no slide even if it's icy." Warren Miller does not do the narration, and the dialog is very badly scripted.
1994 45 Vertical Reality

Mike Jacoby rides Mt Krinatsky in Russia in hard boots on a Hot shine. In Japan, at Rusutsu resort, three riders are shown carving it up on hard boots: Aki Hiro, Yoshi Hiro, and Aht Sinati, for about 30 seconds (left).
1993 44 Black Diamond Rush

World cup snowboarding finals @ Heavenly, and a few carving shots at Mt Bachelor (left).
1992 43 Steeper and Deeper

There are some shots of carvers in the opening scene. Ross Rebagliati carves very well in powder in soft boots @ Blackcomb. Shannon Melhuse surfs powder in hard boots heli-boarding in B.C (left). During the credits at the end of the film, he tries a few half pipe flips on an alpine board. There is some very hard eurocarving by Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva @ Aspen: about 3 minutes worth (right). But you never see them carve two laid-out turns in a row (must have been before the invention of ExtremeCarving)
1991 42 Born to Ski

Some alpine racing
1990 41 Extreme Winter

No hardbooting
1989 40 White Magic

Only one clip of snowboarding. In New Zealand, Jean Nerva and Peter Bauer surf powder in hard boots.
1988 39 Escape to Ski

One clip of snowboarding, no hardbooting
1987 38 White Winter Heat

20 seconds of snowboard racing, mostly in the opening scene. Burton MGX style boots. There is no good shot of the top or bottom of the the board, so it could be anything from Burton, including: Cruiser 165, Performer Elite, early/prototype Express 175, or Safari.

There is no carving in the older films, but they do show some interesting vintage models. Many thanks to Bryan at oldsnowboards.com for doing the forensics to narrow down the makes/models of snowboards in these videos:

1986 37 Beyond the Edge
2 minutes of snowboarding. some surfing in powder, but no carving. The board could be a Sims 1700 "Pro Model".
1985 36 Steep and Deep
37 seconds of snowboarding. Looks like hardboots are probably used, but no carving. The board looks like a Burton Performer Elite '86 with edges and fins.
1984 35 Ski Country
2 minutes of snowboarding. No hardbooting. Two Sims boards make an appearance: Likely candidates include the early '84 FE (fiberglass/epoxy) 1600 "Pro Model" (no metal edges, white base), and the same model released later in the season (metal edges, black P-Tex).
1983 34 Ski Time
There is no snowboarding whatsoever.
1982 33 SnoWonder
There is a clip of riding on a winterstick (left). The swallowtails could be from '80 or '81 (right). The board on the right shows the top with the boot straps. The board on the left shows the bottom, with the fin/brake. The fin normally remained close to the board, but when the rider fell off and pulled the retainer, via the boot straps, the fin would flip out, acting as a brake.

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