Video camera shoot: Carving at Stratton

CMC carves it up at Statton. The video is available with one of two soundtracks: Enya, or a Russian ditty:

2:03 320x240 6 MB Enya CMC2minEnya.wmv
2:28 320x240 9.5 MB Russian pop CMC3minRusVer.wmv


A video sampler platter including CMC + Steve Cloyes + PSR + Todd Brown. Includes a reprise of the previous CMC video at the end. Since this is a huge file, you might want to verify the MD5 sum with a hash calculator like the one available at

8:06 320x240 24 MB ver1.wmv MD5 hash = 3e8f6fd5cbfb6c9ea8b5bc2a5af84f91

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