SES 2005 - Thursday @ Highlands

Highlands had bluebird skies and just a bit of fresh, with good grooming - there were powder stashes to be found, as well as pretty good carving.

First, we inspected the groomers. Highlands delivered on the impeccable grooming.

Everyone is giddy with anticipation before the lifts open.

Plus, we had new people join us Thursday: among them, Jack Michaud and Bordy.

We encountered a vinter vunderlandt - Ja! Vee go carving auf zie alpinboard!

Before the first run, a view from the lift, looking toward Aspen.

Then, we carve.

The Madd 180 once again made an appearance.

Sean Martin rips.

Ken Lao takes the Swoard into chop.

Jack has arrived. I will attempt to reverse-engineer Jack's carving style from a photo sequence analysis:

OK, now we take a break and do the dog census. This pooch was poised for any dropped food right in front of the door of Paradise Bakery.

Chris' dog.

Hmmm. not quite enough sidecut.

Sean Cassidy from Snowperformance gave a carving clinic, teaching the super-stable method of carving that lets you rip on any surface conditions. The group did a bunch of drills, and ventured into groom, the pow and moguls to fine-tune carving stability. Most of these folks were beginners, with some having only a few days on plates.

As part of the full-service clinic, Sean records digital video of all the riders and does post-clinic analysis.

Sean demonstrates the toeside

und backside.

More heelside.

Back at the tent, the bomber crew works their fingers to the bone mounting bindings on the demo board fleet.

There were ample stashes of powder to be found.

In case you have never seen it, this is the mount disk that sits under the Raichle X-bone bindings. The entire force of the binding base plate is exerted on the single center bolt. Hmmm.

I believe this is the "Fruit Punch" model of Bomber bindings.

Bling Bling yo.

OK, back to more carving.

A bunch of women carvers were in attendance.

This guy is really enjoying himself.

When you are good enough to full-on carve *and* pose for the camera, you are good.

really good.

Carving boards weren't the only tools up for demo. These are Donek tele skis, with Bomber Bishop bindings.

Also lugging a huge amount of camera gear was MozzMann, from Australia.

Once again, in order to provide you with simulated carving motion that spans more than one space-time coordinate, we will show you the windup and the release for several smooth turns:

Sean Martin does the windup ...

The release ...

And then glides, savoring the carve.

The windup ...

the release.

And of course, there was some biffing to be seen.

After a day of carving, everyone meets for the kegger, sponsored by YYZCanuck. This room was filled with carving celebs.
The whole room had a very positive vibe.

Jack Michaud, Madd Mike, Bordy, and Chris.

Doug Dryer talks shop.

Meanwhile, Sean Cassidy goes over the video recorded during the clinic, to ultra-fine-tune the stable style of carving.

Chris Klug stopped by to welcome the SES crew to Aspen. Chris is running the 5th annual Burton-Klug Camp April 1,2,3 at Buttermilk

Finally, the "Where's Waldo" shot. See if you can spot Shaggy.

Norm rails the money shot. That's all for the Highlands. Next stop: Ajax Friday morning, then over to buttermilk for the demo tent goldmine.

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