SES 2005 - Monday @ Buttermilk

It's Valentine's day, and that means SES 2005 deploys to Buttermilk for some premium carving. Michelle and Fin prepare to parcel out the smorgasbord of demo decks.

Norm inspects Doug Dryer's new uber-board. It has a custom kildy-style plate bolted onto the topsheet. It's the "Broz" brand. Where does Doug find this stuff?

Now, time to head over to the premium carving runs at Buttermilk: Javelin and Racer's Edge. (Tiehack was not groomed - ach!).

I think the population of Doneks exceeded the population of carvers.

Textbook PureCarve form.

The backside of Buttermilk has a confoundedly slow double chair, but the views are primo.

Norm is ready for the limbo contest.

Chris Webster hammed it up all day for the camera. I think I have 50 photos.

Michelle Ubrick gets on edge.

Meanwhile, Scott Ubrick pushes the Donek way past its operational limits. Wait a minute, Doneks don't have operational limits.

Now, we take a break and hang out at the Bomber demo tent. We also look around to find out who is still riding vintage gear. These older Burtons are a worthy contender.

But that doesn't beat the Fritschi step-in bindings.

Then, we go back up for more carving.

The bad news is that Diana tore an Achilles tendon later in the day. The good news is that I managed to snap some photos before it happened.

Adele perfects her toeside.

Ken can ride.

After spending half the day taking videos of other people, Bob Jenny finally gets to ride.

Back at the demo tent, everyone mills around and talks shop. For Cateks that have a ring of detents on the disc, the upper assembly can become loose and spin in place, demolishing some of the detents. In order to prevent slippage: 1) Make sure you tighten the Catek quick-cant screws by 1/2 turn after tightening the kingpin bolt, and 2) When you set the quick-cant screws to use a new set of detents, make sure that you tighten the quick-cant screws every 2 runs during your first day of carving. The quick-cant screws tend to wear down and enlarge a new set of detents during the first day.

From the peak of Buttermilk, you can see the runs of The Highlands, which are on the SES agenda for Thursday. But for Tuesday, we are going over to Ajax in the morning - Ruthie's run, here we come.

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