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The Hardbooter Price Almanac is a record of hardbooting gear sold on eBay since February 2004

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Last updated 12/31/2006
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About the Almanac

The Price Almanac records the details of carving gear sold on eBay.com covering the US and Canada since February 2004. Canadian prices are converted to USD. Only auctions that end in a winning buyer are recorded, which requires either a winning bid (with the reserve met), or a winner using buy-it-now. The dates indicate the month when the auction ended. The price almanac gives you an idea of what sort of carving gear you can expect to find on eBay, a rough idea of the prices you can expect to pay, and how prices fluctuate during the year. The semi-automated system that collects this information uses two search criteria: one for eBay auctions, and another for eBay stores, since it's not possible to search both with one search link:

eBay Auctions: HB search
eBay Stores: HB search

These search criteria catch most listings - probably more than 95%. The process of compiling the data into the Price Almanac is a semi-automated process that took a while to perfect, so there may be some things missing. However, all entries in the Price Almanac are accurate. Each entry lists all the information that was given in the auction. If a seemingly vital piece of info is missing, like boot size, it means the auction didn't include that info.

Guidelines for Buyers

See the general guidelines for buying used carving gear to make sure there are no surprises. In addition, there are a few observations about carving gear on eBay:







There are a few prominent sellers of hardbooting gear on eBay:
eBay username Real Name Store link / home page
snowboardsandmore Eric http://stores.ebay.com/Performancedownhill and http://raceboarding.com Eric has a store in New Hampshire: 866-766-9700
u12 Dennis http://www.saltypeaks.com/
dyoja Dan Yoja http://upzboots.com
theskihut Hugh http://www.hughesskihut.com/
sowaves   Crave2Carve. High end stuff.
skibiz123   Selling lots of new Snowpro bindings

Data Mining

Hitting the "stats" button at the top of the Almanac will calculate monthly totals, broken out into boots, boards, and bindings. The binding sales have a low variance, and would be a good indicator of the "hardbooting GNP." But more specifically, a good trend index for hardbooting as a whole is the price that Dennis from Salty Peaks (u12) is able to fetch for his unending supply of new Burton Race Plates. Dennis prices the bindings so that they sell via Buy_It_Now within a few days. The price is generally unaffected by the "frenzy" of an auction, and it's new gear. It's interesting to see the trend in prices as a function of the month of the year.

Finally, you can actually find cheap gray-market lift tickets to your favorite resort on eBay.

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